The Team

A blog dedicated to the dangerous, hilarious, and stupid adventures of the team as they climb, ski, raft, and rappel their way through the world of extreme adventure sports.


DSCN3253Introducing Artem:

Nickname: Captain Epic

Special Skill – Failure

431195_10151556739849087_1745361906_nIntroducing Colin:

Nickname – Almost Boy

Special Skill – Flying “solo”

Neil                 Introducing Neil:

_________.Nickname – Daftman

_________.Special skill – Alcohol

P1170786Introducing Lachlan:

Nickname – Wizard of AUS

Special skill – Brewing… tea

DSC_0131Introducing Marcin:

Nickname – Schoolgirl

Special skill – Sleeping beauty

DSC_0193Introducing Skyler:

Nickname – Grizzles

Special Skill – Not wanting to be on the team


Introducing Piotr:

Nickname – Faff Master

Special Skill – Being nicer than Mother Teresa

WP_20141110_002Introducing Christoph:

Nickname – The Plumber

Special Skill – Finding ze Jetta

P1060184Introducing Caitlin:

Nickname – Voice of Reason

Special skill – Swimming rapids

DSC_0892Introducing Phil:

Nickname – Gossip Central

Special skill – Dancing away the ladies

charles.jpgIntroducing Charlie:

Nickname – Brit Twit

Special skill – Eating crumpets, stacking hexes

trial               Introducing Katherine:

________.Nickname – Damaged Goods

________.Special Skill – Ventriloquist

vlcsnap-2016-02-01-16h42m17s19Introducing Ian:

Nickname – Sendero Monsteroso

Special skill – Always being MIA

DSC01438                           Introducing Diego:

_______________.Nickname – The Pun-isher

_______________.Special skill – Good with words


Introducing Dima:

Nickname – Manhands

Special skill – Getting his comfort zone fisted

P1000078Introducing Annika:

Nickname – The Breadwinner

Special skill – Submersion


Introducing Nick:

Nickname – Lieutenant Questionable Judgement

Special skill – Saving lives


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